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Frequently asked question

1. How can I sign up to take my court-ordered classes online?

You're already on the right website if you’re reading our FAQ page! To sign up for our online court-ordered classes, navigate to our HOME page. Once you're there, you will be able to select and enroll in a specific course and begin immediately. All of our court-ordered classes are designed to be taken 100% online!

2. Are there any pre-requisites or any qualifications I need to meet to be able to take court-ordered classes online?

There are no pre-requisites or qualifications that need to be met before signing up for our online court-ordered classes. If you've been ordered by a lawyer, judge, court, or probation officer to take one of our classes, you can sign up and get started as soon as you are ready!

3. How long will it take for me to complete my court-ordered class?

Our court-ordered classes are designed for you to be able to complete at your own pace. If you can complete the entire course in one sitting, that's awesome but not required. Once registered, you may start, pause, save, and resume the course at any time.

4. Will I receive a certificate of completion at the end?

Most definitely! You deserve a certificate of completion for all your hard work. Upon completion of your court-ordered class, your certificate of completion will immediately be available for you in your student portal for downloading. A copy of your certificate of completion will also be sent to the email address you provided to us during enrollment.

5. What information should I expect to see on my certificate of completion?

Our certificate of completion will include our company name, our contact information, your first and last name, the name of the course completed, and the completion date! There is no indication on the certificate that the course was conducted online.

6. Will the court system accept this online course?

Yes indeed! Many court systems are starting to recognize the value of online court-ordered classes and accept certificates of completion from online programs. We are more than confident that you will not run into any issues with the acceptance of our program.

7. Who do I call if I need proof that I enrolled in an online court-ordered class?

Check your email! Once you enroll in any of our courses, a proof of enrollment certificate will be sent to the email address you provided to us during enrollment. You can also download a copy of your proof of enrollment certificate from your student portal by logging into your profile.

8. What forms of payment can I use to pay for my court-ordered class?

You may sign up and pay for any online court-ordered class if you have Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. If you have permission to use someone else's card, you must enter their billing information and not your own. Don't worry; we will still be able to associate the payment with your course.

9. Can I come back to it if I can't finish my online court-ordered class in one sitting?

If you cannot complete a course in one sitting, click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the webpage to save your progress. To resume the course, log into your student portal, navigate to "My Courses," and click on the course you would like to continue working on.

10. How secure is this website? Will my information be protected?

Yes, definitely! We are committed to protecting your privacy and online confidentiality. All online submissions you make are encrypted. Our site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTPS) to ensure that your privacy and personal information are protected.

11. How can I make sure that the information I submit through this website is NOT shared with anyone or made public?

Our Privacy Policy states that we DO NOT share your information with outside or third parties without your permission. We DO NOT share data with partner vendors, even if they offer related products or services. We DO NOT add you to any mailing lists causing unwanted spam.